The number 1 question I get after years of being on the radio is, "Where did the name Atom Smasher come from?"  I'll save that for an "in person" conversation.  It's probably not as interesting as most people think.  Anyway, my story began long before the name Atom Smasher was ever used.....

World Toilet Plunging Champ

He loves puppies

He was a cute kid

A 25 + year radio personality from a small town in Southern Louisiana, Atom was raised by deaf nuns who never had to tell him to shut his mouth since they couldn't hear him anyway. Because of this, he kept talking and talking and talking until someone finally put him in front of a microphone and said, "Here talk into this." Also 3 of the nuns had peg legs and lived to do God's work.  Later in life, he would find out that one of the nuns was actually his biological mother who left the profession of Ninja Assassin to serve God and kick ass like Jesus did.  In case you're wondering, she wasn't one of the nuns who had a peg leg. That would make kung fu ninja fighting very difficult even though anything is possible through the Lord.  Yes, Atom is a product of Catholicism and constantly feels guilty about everything and brags on Facebook that he goes to church every Sunday since that is what makes you a good Christian. 

I will stop referring to myself in third person to let you know I've worked at: 

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