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my first Astros game   

                   by Cooper


at my first Astros game i got to By a hat and a shirt  The we got to are seats Then we watched The people make home runs And outs  Then we got somting to eat and we watched more off The game Then we saw somebody on the Astros hit a home run  The score Was 3 to 2 We thought The Astros were going to lose The game then i kept on going and going and going until the 12 enning  the Baseball players that hit and Didant get out The A playe called Carlos Correa hit the Ball Then Astros won everybody was so excited when The people got otsibe the were all making a noise and they kept saying “whoooooo” i got so pist and then we went otsibe And pepole were playing music and then we went to the care We hopped in the car then we were just relaxing lisnning to music in the car then we finally go home and i hope you ejoyd my story the end.​​